Why Artificial Intelligence Is a Game-Changer for Your Post-Pandemic Marketing

• When the pandemic first hit, businesses of all sizes scrambled to figure out how to both attract new customers in a virtual environment and create a digital shopping experience to meet their evolving expectations.

• As pandemic-related challenges extend into a second year, the need to engage and retain customers remains vital for business leaders.

• The barriers to using automation and AI have come down significantly in recent years, making it easier for them to efficiently understand what their customer wants, predict purchasing interests and make decisions grounded in data.

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How to Prepare Your Ecommerce Business for a ‘Cookieless’’ Future

• We’re entering a new era in which third-party cookies, a crucial component of digital advertising and analytics, will be deprecated across many of the world’s leading web browsers including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Ecommerce professionals are being challenged to rethink fundamental issues around ad targeting, measurement, and cross-channel attribution – all of which will be made increasingly difficult over the next 12 months.

• Companies like Google and Facebook have built their entire businesses on collecting user data and made billions in the process.

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Lean into Resiliency to Maintain and Grow Your Business

• They challenge and empower us to acknowledge women from every walk of life for their achievements, more than just one month a year.

• My business, Hart Jewelry, is dedicated to brightening the lives of women around the world by creating jewelry designed to empower.

• Use them to your benefit, reach people you never imagined, and watch your business grow.

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