Crypto Will Be the Future of Banking’

• It’s funny — we’re coming around to a lot of the services that we wanted to offer in the very early days of the company around payments and money transfer.

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Amazon Lures Advertisers from Facebook After Apple Privacy Shift

• Amazons move into digital advertising so far has mostly come at the expense of market leader Google since shoppers often bypass the search giant and look for products directly on

For years, Facebook No. 2 in U. S. digital ad sales was largely immune from such encroachments because

• Social-media sites were considered distinct from the search advertising prominent on Amazon and Alphabets Google.

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Why Great Content Is Critical for Conversions on Websites

• Some of the greatest benefits of content marketing are its quality and capacity for reputation building, as building trust with customers and potential leads is vital for the success of any business.

• Calls-to-action (CTAs) are a must – but they have to be clear enough.

• When compared to traditional marketing methods, content marketing actually costs more than 50% less on average – plus it generates about 3 times more leads.

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