How Glocal Content Marketing Helps International Brands Stay Local

• No, that’s not a typo – glocal is a sophisticated combination of global and local influence fueled by modern localization technology and strategic international marketing implementation.

• While many consumers viewed international brands as synonymous with quality, local brands remained in higher demand.

• The strategy means products are created globally but customized to suit each unique market.

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Social Media Is Moving into The Real World

• Gamified brand experiences have always been popular with consumers, but social AR will create an opportunity for interplay between a brand and its consumer that will make a social comment or retweet seem trite.

• The term “augmented reality” is a boring and unimaginative term for a transformative technology that can detect your face and turn you into a frog.

• [Apple’s LiDAR] coming to mainstream phones will create even more opportunities for marketers to build magical experiences in the years to come.

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How Remote Work Is Reshaping Marketing Culture for the Better

• Now that the United States is safely re-opening, organizations are navigating how to support employees as they return to the office – or choose to remain remote permanently.

• In a drastic turn from 15 months ago, a majority (68 percent) of business leaders support adopting long-term hybrid work arrangements and a notable minority are convinced that the office is no longer necessary.

• As employees shift back into the office, they’ll expect a more casual office culture that offers flexible working hours, a relaxed dress code, and more emphasis on socializing with coworkers.

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