How Content Marketing Empowers You to Understand Your Audience

Content marketing offers a powerful way to address this problem and enable brands to really get under the skin of their customers….

• Marketers should start by defining (or refining) personas of their key types of customers based on data from their website and social channels, combined with their own knowledge.

• Facebook’s Audience Insights tool can help you learn more about your target audiences, including aggregate information about geography, demographics, and purchase behavior.

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Is Email Marketing Effective In 2021?

• To stay relevant in 2021, marketing experts and their clients need to understand the newest email marketing trends and tendencies, as well as what this kind of advertising is about.

Email marketing is a way to promote your company among the people who can potentially be interested in your services.

• If you’re a new kid on the block, emails can be sent to a diverse group of people unless the team of the email company figures your target audience out.

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Spotify Brings New Way to Advertise on Podcasts

• Spotify: This Thursday (2) Spotify announced its newest tool: Spotify Podcast Ads.

• With the growing consumption of podcasts in Brazil, the streaming platform has invested in a new source of revenue, in addition to relying on technology that provides more accurate feedback on how users react to advertisements.

• Other personal information about listeners is of great value to digital marketers, including age, gender, device used, and listener behavior.

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