What is Marketing Technology or Martech? Exploring the Marketers Scope

• The technology is majorly utilized in the sphere of digital marketing but is also used in optimizing marketing efforts across various marketing channels.

MarTech or marketing technology helps marketers in easily streamlining and scaling marketing activities.

• When a marketing team uses a group of marketing technologies, then this group of marketing technologies is known as the marketing technology stack or martech stack.

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Gen X Spending Habits Include Bargain Shopping Online

• Despite being raised latchkey kids, which prepared Xers for the isolation and stay-at-home orders that came with the pandemic, the pressures of caring for parents and kids, working from home and the economic impact of the crisis have caused changes in Gen X lifestyles and spending habits.

• Typically, Gen X household spending ($76,788) exceeds that of the national household ($63,036), but Gen X spending was squeezed during the last year.

• Many Gen X shoppers are choosing from both online and offline coupons with the best deals winning out.

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COVID-19 Has Forever Changed Sports Marketing

• The COVID-19 pandemic has altered sports sponsorship, accelerating trends already in play such as the growth of hybrid events, rising importance of player advocacy and popularity of esports, according to the Nielsen Sports 2021 Global Sports Marketing Trends report.

• Top of the report’s list is live and virtual sporting experiences, which are increasingly merging.

• The health crisis that saw stadiums empty of fans meant events had to change and broadcasters needed to innovate.

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