Food for Thought: How Marketers Need to Approach 2021

• CMO asks four marketing leaders about where we go from here and what can be expect now that’s it’s 2021 and whether we continue to operate in short timelines or get backer to longer term planning.

• 2020 highlighted the importance of customer experience and the need to have a deep understanding of what really matters to your customers.

• Just when things got tricky for us all, it was amazing to see brands shift their thinking from ‘how can I sell more,’ back to ‘how can I help?

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TikTok Becomes Global Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020

TikTok is now the first “digital entertainment platform” to sponsor the UEFA EURO 2020 European Football Championship.

• Looking to establish itself as the “home for football fans to share their passion for the game,” TikTok is partnering with UEFA EURO as an official Global Sponsor of the tournament.

• During the last year, TikTok has been one of the most talked-about platforms so it really makes a lot of sense for UEFA EURO to use it to reach its fans and “provide fans globally with a unique and innovative UEFA EURO experience,” explains Guy-Laurent Epstein, marketing director of UEFA.

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Is Hospitality Ready to Service the Digitally Savvy Travel Consumer?

• With the explosion of the “digital way of life,” the customer journey has turned into a digital customer journey that is becoming increasingly complex, forcing hoteliers to overhaul their technology stack, corporate and marketing strategies in order to engage, acquire, service and retain these digitally savvy travel consumers across multiple digital touch points and across all digital channels and devices.

• Long gone are the years when staying at a hotel meant experiencing better technology and amenities (flat-screen TV? HBO? High-speed internet?)

• They should be able to answer confidently questions like “What are the benefits of a cloud PMS versus an on-premises PMS? Why does the hotel need an RMS? How can use CRM technology to increase repeat business? What type of CMS do I need for the hotel website? What type of DMS technology do I need to improve conversations and revenues of the property digital marketing? How do you create a fool-proof issue resolution system at the property? A 100% contactless guest experience? How do you implement automation, robotization and IoT devices to improve customer service?

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