TikTok Launches New TikTok for Business Profile to Share Key Tips and Insights

• Looking to add TikTok into your digital marketing mix?

• This could help – this week, TikTok has launched a new TikTok for Business profile in the app, through which it will share platform marketing tips, usage insights and preview upcoming events to help advertisers make the most of the platform.

• The first couple of clips posted to the new account cover some key TikTok basics, including how to frame your promotions, and how to maximize response.

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From Welcome Video to Video Flyer: Food Video Marketing Tricks and Tips

• This is also because food video marketing is just one part of a broader marketing strategy that must have very clear objectives and be built from the right combination of content and medium in order to effectively pursue them.

• Suffice it to say that, according to Forbes, this year we have used our smartphones an average 3.7 hours a day watching mostly videos; precisely because of this, it is expected that consumption of online videos will represent 82% of the entire traffic generated on the network by 2022, an amount that would be equivalent to 15 times the time spent in 2017.

• This is because people enjoy video content more willingly than any other content, especially when it comes to video content about food.

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How to Measure Social Selling: 6 Ways to Measure Your Progress

• Often, measuring social selling effectiveness requires that you are able to connect several different systems together including your CRM, marketing automation platforms, social analytics, content engagement metrics, and by-hand tracking of important conversations and relationships.

• These metrics will provide you with a good baseline for measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of individual social sellers within your organization and your team as a whole.

• You really cannot discuss social selling metrics without talking about LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index (SSI).

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