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What Digital Marketing Trends Will 2021 Bring for Us All? (infographic)

• Liana Technologies recently put together an infographic, highlighting marketing trends that will possibly show prevalence across 2021.

• Liana has prepared this infographic that brands and businesses can look towards in their preparations to build customer bases and communities.

• Customers will also be more wary of companies asking for excessive information, as paranoia regarding information theft and surveillance begins to settle in with the general populace.

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Luxury Industry Marketing Trends That Define The “New Normal”

• What luxury industry marketing trendsare helping to rebuild the “new normal” that is continually threatened by the resurgence of the epidemic?

• On October 26, McKinsey published an important update, confirming that in the 13 countries taken into consideration (including Italy), consumer sentiment and behavior continue to reflect the uncertainty caused by the pandemic through: a choice of value increasingly given to essentials; brand loyalty put to the test; a preference for local and national products and services; the urgency of the transition to digital; and the decision not to travel for vacations and holidays.

• In Transforming The Luxury Industry For The New Normal, a recent article published in “Forbes,” Christophe Cais (founder and CEO of Customer Experience Group, a customer experience agency for premium and luxury brands) identifies with the premise that there is significant variation in sentiment and behavior across countries.

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Marketing to the Next Generations

• These more risk-averse, savings-oriented customers, who are embracing digital more than ever in light of COVID-19, may represent the best potential customers banks have seen in decades.

• Kathleen Barrett, vice president of marketing for Radius Bank, points out that 24/7 access to digital banking services appeals to the need for ‘instant gratification’ demanded by these younger customers.

• Julie Thurlow, president and CEO of Cooperative Bank of Reading, Massachusetts, has initiated a two-pronged strategy to reach these younger customers, and in doing so, also connect with under-privileged populations within the bank’s service area.

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