Three Predictions for Marketing Analytics In 2021

• It means marketers won’t be able to fully track people’s online journeys and analysts will need another method by which to establish how online comms affect sales.

• With money in the bank and big ambitions for 2021, many will take their first steps into untrackable advertising like TV and out-of-home.

• The kind of market mix modelling that’s evolved for evaluating TV campaigns for bricks and mortar brands isn’t an exact fit for digital-first brands.

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Digital Advertising: The Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

• It was an interesting year for digital marketers as the nation-wide lockdown gave a push to augmented reality, mobile marketing, digital animation, video content, voice search and influencer marketing.

• India is now at the cusp of a massive revolution with digital making inroads and brands looking to go beyond urban markets.

• During this volatile period, the industry tried to throw out the inefficiencies to make themselves more productive.

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Why More Brands Are Using Influencers with Fewer Than 10,000 Followers

• Becoming a big-time influencer like Kim Kardashian West or local fashionista Yoyo Cao isn’t something most of us regular folk can or want to aspire to be.

• The very fact that regular folks are unlikely to already be sponsored by brands means their opinions can hold more weight among their followers than more popular key opinion leaders.

• The power of the everyday voice Word-of-mouth marketing by way of influencers has been the go-to strategy for many brands in recent times.

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