Inroads Into the Inbox: What Brands Are Doing to Boost Email Deliverability

• Email data accuracy has improved this year, with only 13.7% of brands complaining of a high level of inaccurate data, down from 15.7% in 2019, according to Retail Reality – the Journey to the Inbox, a study by Validity and the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), presented during a webinar this week.

Email deliverability is regarded as vital by 87% of brands using email, with 17% citing it as the top factor in their campaigns, 38% citing it as important, and 31% citing it as middling.

• Data quality is No. 1, with 45% saying it has a significant impact and 48% claiming it has some impact.

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Content Marketing Is Still an Essential B2C Growth Tool

• With the audience insights and audience targeting capabilities available on most of the popular social media platforms, they have become the go-to platforms for B2C businesses building out a “content strategy”.

• You need a comprehensive content marketing plan for social media to deliver the kind of results you need as a growing B2C company.

• Leading B2C brands to small businesses use content marketing as a growth strategy.

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How to Build Brand Equity in the Face of a Crisis

• In challenging times, maintaining brand equity is fundamental, and as the landscape changes as a result of COVID-19, consumers are seeking relatable information and stories.

• During the crisis, consumers were no longer looking for content to fuel escapism, but rather were sheltered at home searching for information to understand what was happening in the world.

• Asked during the press conference what luxury brands should be doing to reset their marketing plans for the year, Jais said the number-one topic is the digitalization of their collections; the second is to figure out how to restart in China, while Europe and the U. S. are recovering, and the third is to measure the impact of the media and to determine one’s goals and who do they want to address.

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