The Influence of Economy Is Coming

• To understand the influence economy, we must start by understanding the nature of influence.

• We take in information from many sources, yet only some truly move us – and most don’t.

• Mass channels like TV, newspaper, and even paid social advertising may hold our attention, but they do not hold our trust.

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Why the Pandemic Is a Good Time for Advertisers

• Utilizing AdTech that allows consumers to interact with ads from their smartphones simplifies the customer experience and reduces conversion times.

• Even as restrictions on shopping and dining loosen up, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to force many people to stay home, and many consume hours of media each day in search of comfort or to pass the time.

• Feeling the effects of reduced brick-and-mortar shopping and boycotts in the name of ending hate speech, racism, and polarization, many brands have now reduced or outright cut their ad spend, but this change in media consumption is an opportunity for advertisers who shift their resources to reaching consumers at home.

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