Top SEO Tips for Small Businesses

• There are still entrepreneurs out there who think that SEO (search engine optimization) is only for medium and large companies and is not something they need to concern themselves with.

• With that in mind, here are some helpful SEO tips for the small local business.

• Publishing blogs on a regular basis will also give site users engaging and useful information that is industry specific.

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Why is Digital Marketing Important & What Is PPC?

• We’ll explain why you should consider it, the different digital marketing ‘channels’, and a little acronym called PPC that makes a world of difference.

• Simply put, digital marketing is taking your business online.

• The opportunities, of course, are huge and it’s something that you need to take advantage of.

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80% of Gen Z and Millennials Say Special Promotions Make Them More Loyal to a Brand

• A study found that influencers can dramatically increase brand loyalty and transform purchasing behaviors: Both millennials and Gen Z are heavily persuaded by social influencers, with more than 70% having made a purchase decision based on an influencer’s recommendation.

• Clothing, shoes and accessories are the most popular items purchased based on an influencer’s recommendation for 45% of millennials and 55% of Gen Z.

• The study also found that millennial and Gen Z consumers bring an increasingly high preference for digital rewards and incentives: Both groups prefer to receive virtual cards over physical cards or those that can be used for only a single retailer.

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