Did Covid-19 Change Digital Marketing Forever?

• How have these changes influenced the way in which digital advertisers and marketers are optimizing campaigns and strategies?

• While the Covid19 pandemic enforced lockdowns forced organizations to meet evolving customer preferences and needs with a digital-first approach, these changing customer trends also influenced how marketing and advertising plans and budgets started shaping up.

• This also led to changes in how consumers wanted to interact with brands because of their own changing content consumption preferences.

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How Restaurant Owners Can Use Audio Marketing

• If your restaurant has been considering giving audio marketing a try – or you just want to learn more about it – here is a rundown of how and why using audio marketing can increase brand awareness for your eatery.

• Adding a literal voice to the brand creates a more intimate experience for the listener – something you can’t always achieve with words on a screen.

• There are many different examples of audio marketing platforms, such as Clubhouse – a drop in audio-chat social media platform that hosts virtual rooms for live discussions, with opportunities for individuals to participate through speaking and listening – or podcasts.

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The Importance of Keeping Up with Digital Advancements

• Covid-19 has sped up the world and if you have been ignoring this warning up until now, you and your brand will soon be irrelevant, forgettable, and replaceable.

• From a client and brand perspective, you can’t ignore the audience shifts and the levels of engagement that we are seeing in the digital space.

• In a recent McKinsey survey of global consumer sentiment (April 2021), the pandemic has driven rapid adoption of digital channels across countries and industries.

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