Digital Marketing Strategies for The Entrepreneurially Challenged Start-ups

• Starting from the initial stages when the steps are trembling and no sense of security surrounding, it gets tough to keep ongoing.

• Unless a number of people who can be a potential client know about the business.

• It is recommended for such aspects to find a suitable digital marketing partner.

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How Marketers Can Tap into The World’s Largest Consumer Focus Group – Through Social Listening

• A recent webinar, Understanding the Social & Media Insights that Actually Matter, featuring Michael Baglietto, the global director of product marketing at NetBase Quid; Shelina Taki, director of strategic planning and consumer insights at PMG; and Leyla Foschi, account supervisor for client strategy at PMG, explored the crucial social and media data points marketers need to monitor in order to stay ahead of the competition and turn analytics into action to help fuel long-term business growth.

• PMG outlined how it uses grounded theory research and analytics to help dictate its hypothesis – using syndicated resources and in-depth research, including consumer segmentation.

• From there, it moves into primary research – “our preferred methodology for understanding target audiences and how they feel about a certain industry or brand through social listening”.

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5 Essential Questions to Vet Influencers

• Influencer marketing is a tried-and-true way to expand your audience and reach the right kinds of people.

• The influencers you choose should be a fit for your audience and align with the interests of your ideal buyers.

• If you’re offering a productivity app, you need to identify the buyers most likely to use it.

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