The Real Value of Influencers and Content Creation

• With the recent digital transformation, efficacy rates for traditional advertising strategies using television, magazines, print media, and even the internet have been decreasing.

• Clubhouse Media Group Inc. (OTC: CMGR) represents the future of influencer-based media and marketing, with a global network of professionally run content houses, influencer cohorts and production capabilities.

• The company understands the power of influencers and content creation and is determined to prove that influencer-based marketing is the next big thing in the floundering multi-billion-dollar ad industry.

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Gen Z Marketing Isn’t Easy. Logitech’s Allying with TikTok Stars to Make It Work

• After almost a decade of learning what young creators look for in brands, it was determined that winning over this Gen Z isn’t necessarily about brainstorming copy or putting products in front of faces.

• To that end, on March 13th Logitech, in collaboration with TikTok, streamed the inaugural Song Breaker Awards to celebrate creators who influenced the biggest songs of the year.

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How the Digital Workplace Will Evolve After Coronavirus

• When fear and uncertainty are still present, it’s up to companies to step up to the plate so that employees can focus on doing their jobs, she said.

• If and when employers open their offices again, Varghese said employees will expect employers to take measures to protect their health and safety, and social distancing in the workplace will remain one of many precautions that will be taken.

• A survey from PWC indicated that while 55% of workers would prefer to work remotely at least three days a week, 68% of executives polled believe the average employee should be in the office at least three days a week.

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