From TikTok to Podcasts – How to Add a Human Touch for Digital Success

• Not many people have the grit to buck the system—especially when that system has a talon-like foothold on an industry.

• From TikTok to Podcasts there is a way to market yourself and your brand virtually by not following the traditional rulebook.

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The Creation of Employee Influencers

• We no longer see product SKUs sitting in captions, but shoppable content utilizing the brand’s shopping feed, ‘swipe up’ outfit links, and even bespoke landing pages of each ambassador’s key picks.

• From beauty counters to home design services, brands are redeploying their in-store staff to serve as ambassadors.

• In some cases, we even see members of digital and social teams serving as influencers for their own employees.

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How to Build Your Community Faster

• It’s something that I love creating and encourage everyone to build (or plug into) in some capacity.

• A community is a place (physical or digital) where people can gather to get, bring, or exchange value.

• I sat in a YouTube training for one of our Greatness Media programs and one thing that came up was split testing thumbnails.

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