Why Social Audio Blew Up. And Why Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces Will Spawn ‘Thousands of Apps’

• Perhaps social audio, such as Clubhouse, or perhaps just music.

• The answer, according to analyst Jeremiah Owyang, is that audio is the ‘Goldilocks medium:’ not too much, not too little, but just right.

• We have also been on Twitter doom-scrolling thousands of tweets wondering why we followed all the people we did.

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Short-Video Apps Are Expanding Their Role in Social Commerce

• With the dramatic rise of TikTok, along with the growing number of traditional social platforms and standalone apps in this space, we are convinced that short, user-generated videos will be a lasting part of the social media landscape, particularly for organic and influencer marketing, paid advertising, and social commerce.

• In our latest report, “The US Short-Video Landscape,” we look at how the main platforms—including TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat Spotlight, and YouTube Shorts—stack up.

• Its notable growth in time spent last year, combined with its unique creator marketing and paid advertising opportunities, should make TikTok the go-to for most marketers looking to invest in the short-video space.

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In the 15 Years Since Its Launch, Amazon Web Services Transformed How Companies Do Business

Amazon will elevate AWS CEO Andy Jassy to lead the company when founder Jeff Bezos steps down later this year—a promotion that in part recognizes the centrality of cloud computing to Amazon’s business model, industry observers say.

• AWS booting Parler offline in January over what Amazon has said is the social network’s inability to moderate violent content has highlighted the tremendous sway cloud-computing platforms—including AWS, Microsoft’s Azure and Google Cloud Platform—hold over their clients.

• One possible starting point for the tale is at the McMenamins Six Arms on Capitol Hill circa 2005, when AWS senior technologist Allan Vermeulen sketched the initial design principles for a key cloud-computing service—the provision of unlimited, pay-as-you-go data storage—on the back of a napkin while drinking a Hammerhead Ale.

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