How Google’s Findings on Purchase Behavior Impact the Future of Content Marketing

• The article cited a “messy middle” – a purchase consideration loop that sits between triggers and purchase – which is where and how consumers explore products on an expansive basis and evaluate on a reductive basis.

• Les Binet and Peter Field have been researching marketing effectiveness for over a decade – and there has been no drastic change from their original work.

• They told us that brands must focus on brand building to grow their brands over the long term; that there is merit in trying to reach as many category buyers as possible; and continual brand building will help reduce the number of repetitions a consumer will make in the loop before deciding to purchase your brand.

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The Flipside of “the Social Dilemma” – Analytics as the Hero

• I watched the Netflix docudrama “The Social Dilemma” last week and I was struck by the underlying message that social media technology is inherently bad.

• Analytics for good The docudrama suggested that the data we provide social platforms is “poured out” to “systems with almost no human supervision” to “make better predictions about what we are going to do and who we are” Social platforms use these predictive models to drive engagement, growth, and advertising – all powered by analytical algorithms.

• Consider: Connecting with physically distant friends and family around the world • Communicating news and information during times of emergency. Social media has been used during natural disasters and violent situations to bring people to safety. • Linking donors to transplant recipients. • Finding missing persons – whether through forced or voluntary disappearance.

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How Virtual Reality Could Transform the Future of Digital Marketing?

• VR and training costs alongside the costs of implementing it can also hold the technology back a little bit.

• By offering these alternatives you change the normal marketing campaign of filmed ads on the TV during prime time to complete VR experiences which ideally sucked the consumer right into the product.

• The ‘IKEA place’ app allows users to place a piece of IKEA furniture into their current home and see if they like it.

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