Is PR Dead?

• I belong to a private Facebook group where journalists and publicists mingle over story ideas and mutual needs.

• Public Relationships (PR) has evolved over the last 5 years, and the pandemic has accelerated much of that change.

• In this complicated world, it’s even harder to navigate the media landscape.

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GoDaddy Adds Instagram Integration to Websites + Marketing

• With their massive reach, platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Google, and Twitter help small business owners increase brand awareness, connect, and engage with customers, and increase sales.

GoDaddy makes creating, posting, scheduling, and tracking your company’s social media easier and more efficient than ever, freeing up more time for entrepreneurs to focus on their core businesses.

• Within Websites Marketing, you can now publish your posts directly to Instagram and keep track of the comments and views.

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How Marketing Funnels Evolved During the Pandemic

• The COVID-19 pandemic has subsequently influenced the way marketers and advertisers strategize and execute the marketing plans for their respective brands.

• Last year, the industry witnessed a surge of changes in business paradigms, which also unveiled new ways of marketing channels to approach consumers.

• Other than this, it initiated brands to work on D2C channels and create their shopping portals rather than just relying on other e-commerce channels.

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