Why social networking and digital marketing are effective platforms for promoting and advancing businesses

• The traditional pitch and promotion, market to mass style advertising and call to actions have been surpassed by influence and interactive digital messaging, as people spend less time off-site, and more time online.

• While these platforms seem somewhat superficial in business (as they’re less about the written content and analytics and more about the image), a visual client will remember the picture associated with the written piece and retain that information for later purchasing decisions.

• A musical introduction, verbiage, pronunciation, articulation, and tone of a podcast host, can truly resonate with an auditory client and create longer-lasting brand impressions.

• Easily accessible for all ages and technology levels, social networking platforms are only an internet signal away from reaching an exciting and untapped pool of warm clients for your brand to engage with.

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Are We on the Cusp of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)?

• Ben Goertzel, a leading expert in the pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)—computers that can think like humans—thinks that we are now at a “turning point” where AGI will see rapid advances: Over the next few years he believes the balance of activity in the AI research area is about to shift from highly specialized narrow AIs toward AGIs.

• That AI is in fact working in precisely the opposite direction in China—AI is creating the most comprehensive totalitarianism ever known—doesn’t come up for discussion.

• Another question is the extent to which human intelligence is bound up with consciousness, a subject we really do not know very much about.

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Digital Marketing Agency Launches Marketing Blogs for Brands

Digital marketing agency Response Mine Interactive (RMI) recently announced the launch of Actively Seeking Shoppers.

• The new blog is designed to help active and outdoor brands influence online consumers through the shoppable journey.

• Guided by that understanding, Actively Seeking Shoppers delivers expertise for retail brands about growing consumer interest and facilitating purchases, as well as preventing online retailers from making mistakes in their marketing programs.

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