Why Businesses Should Expand Their Storytelling Skills and Focus on Contextual Commerce

• Today’s ad-based storytellers, who work with brands to create fast-paced marketing content in an information-crowded society, must find meaningful ways to connect audiences to their stories while measuring those interactions as well as inspiring acquisition and brand loyalty.

•Their technology takes video advertising and e-commerce to a whole new level, by activating video storytelling with immersive engagements to revolutionize the way people interact with content, brands, and products.

• They focus on “contextual commerce,” which helps marketers provide a way for people to seamlessly make purchases.

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Are Reshaping Artificial Intelligence with the Help of Affordances

• Along with a constantly growing body of knowledge, exploration in this field could additionally benefit from fusing innovative features, human characteristics, and organizational objectives into the assessment of artificial intelligence empowered systems.

• Whether physical or simulated, a large number of these systems share a typical methodology in the utilization of exploratory practices, or different stages, in which the agent essentially tries out an activity without a particular objective, to monitor the outcome on its environment.

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Q&A: Introducing Archmon and the Power of ‘Agile Marketing’

• Archmon was borne out of advertiser frustrations on spiraling fees and imbalance, a race to the bottom and certain performance ‘experts’ championing this last click mentality, without a wider consideration for the wider landscape, and that rather, performance effectiveness.

• Archmon, as a one-liner, is a consultancy that delivers performance plans for businesses to help them grow through marketing and media and works with specialist partners to bring a said plan to life.

• The exciting thing about what Archmon is trying to achieve is proposing/pitching service to different clients, and in the process reset what normal media partnerships look like.

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