Email Superstar: Channel Seen as a Top Engagement Tool, Post COVID-19

Email marketing has taken on a new cachet as a channel in the wake of COVID-19, according to “COVID-19 Marketing Outlook,” a study by Chief Marketer.

• Of the marketers polled, 39% expect email to be one of the top three sources of B2C conversions post COVID-19, versus 28% pre-pandemic.

• Email ranks only behind social, which is cited by 49%.

Content marketing is third on the list, with 37%.

• In another finding, 40% now see email as being one of their largest sources of B2C engagement, again second only to social, with 54%.

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How Much, & How, Should You Spend on Marketing Right Now?

• Primary care practices, whose consumer visits dropped to 30% of normal in March and April, have still not seen full recovery, and are at about 80% of normal volume at best (see Patients Fled Primary Care During COVID-19).

• We are seeing more consumers covered by commercial insurance go out of network and incur out-of-pocket costs for behavioral health services, while many insurers have expanded access to behavioral health through telehealth (see COVID Drives Up Demand For Mental Healthcare, Further Crimping Access).

• Three out of four consumers are most likely to engage with health advertising when it offers additional information and two out of three would respond to “relevant informative content” (see The State of Programmatic Healthcare Marketing).

• 69% of virtual marketers said that boosting brand awareness was their top goal on social media (see 90% Of People Buy from Brands They Follow on Social Media, Study Says).

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How E-Commerce Nutrition Brands Are Leveraging User-Generated Content to Sell Products

• The COVID-19 pandemic has created a number of challenges for online nutrition brands, but it has also presented the opportunity to adapt to a new kind of e-commerce environment, one in which shopping from home is the new normal.

• In order to do just that, many nutritional brands are leaning into social media strategies as a way to reach customers where they’re spending time.

• Some of these nutritional brands are leveraging the power of a User-Generated Content strategy to amplify customers’ voices and enrich their customers’ online shopping journey.

• If you’re not familiar with User-Generated Content, we’d love to explain how e-commerce–savvy companies use it—and the ways in which your brand can do the same.

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