Smoothing Out the Customer Journey

• In light of the changing customer journey, Klarna, the leading global payments and shopping provider with more than 200,000 global retailers, examines what its own proprietary data reveals about how today’s digital-first shoppers are adopting new behaviors and discovering new brands.

• The customer journey now begins online and, more specifically, on social media – which is good news for direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital brands.

• Consumers are comfortable purchasing from platforms that maintain the social element of the shopping experience and have also shown an openness to buy from brands they’ve never tried before.

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Understanding Buyer Behaviour: Why Community Influence Will Be Key to B2B Marketing Success

• As we have adapted, as we have survived, this has presented marketing leaders with a broad set of challenges to face alongside the immediate and more short-term focused changes that Covid-19 brought about.

• How can we use this data to continue to give an experience that meets the expectations of our audience; to take advantage of every visit, every click, every download in order to continue to deliver against our objectives?

• This presents ample opportunity for B2B organizations to position themselves as a Trusted Advisor across multiple stakeholders and truly build a community that delivers a consistent source of referred opportunities.

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Human Customer Support in the Digital Age: The Challenge to Adapt

• While customer experience and customer engagement are terms bankers hear a lot about these days, whatever it is that banks now call answering questions when customers need human interaction is changing rapidly.

• David Kreinman, EVP and director of marketing at Glenview State Bank in Glenview, Illinois, noted that although there are certainly staff within his bank’s call center who are more adept at digital issues, “the ones who aren’t learn from those who are,” he says.

• “So, a segment of the department handles calls of that nature, but also are encouraged to train others. And their training will come from the manager of the department, so it becomes a train the trainer environment.“

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