How Youtube’s New Direct-Selling Feature May Impact Merchants

• A new feature unveiled on YouTube may change the way merchants and influencers engage with viewers in the digital space.

• The new service allows content creators to highlight and sell certain products from their videos by adding a shopping bag icon on the screen.

• Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp added social shopping features a few years ago to varying degrees of success, and Google began adding shopping ads under YouTube videos in 2015.

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Economic Influence: When Brand’s Budgets Have Been Rationalized, What Should They Invest In?

• Although it has been a difficult time for many, the pandemic has enabled brands to think more cautiously, allowed them to stay relevant and has thrust them into a digital-first world, which is the only way to move forwards.

• Throughout 2020, it was proved just how important social media and online influencers really are.

• If nothing else came from last year, the rapid decline in traditional advertising and the focus on social media and all thing’s digital, is enough to see exactly how 2021 will go.

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3 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021s

Digital marketers hardly have had time to relax, though, as they started the year much like how they experienced 2020—on their toes, ready to switch their entire online strategy in reaction to the most recent, unexpected global event.

• Other than the important reminder to stay nimble and adaptable—and prepare for the unpredictable— here are a few predictions and trends digital marketers and social media managers should keep in mind as they think ahead to the next 12 months: Expect the increase in influencer and user generated content to continue.

Online influencers are highly effective content creators and will continue to play an essential role in brands’ digital marketing strategies, even as in-person activities (hopefully) start to pick back up in 2021.

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