How Online Marketing Strategies Have Evolved

• The way that online brands market their products is constantly changing, and the methods used at the start of a new decade are fairly far removed from more modern ways to market.

• While businesses have typically utilized TV, magazine, and billboard advertising, online strategies are becoming much more prevalent.

• Looking at the leisure and entertainment industry that are making investments in new media to put their brand in front of prospective customers, we analyzed the effectiveness of each strategy.

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Will Live Streaming Become the Next Step in Influencer Marketing?

• The influencer marketing industry is renowned for hosting lavish events for press, product launches, and workshops; however, due to current restrictions, social distancing, and the guidelines set out by governments, such events are no longer possible.

• According to the report, it is crucial for brands to become digital-first businesses in order to succeed and keep up.

• Live streaming has soared in popularity with Zoom users increasing by 2,000%.

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Be Smart with Your Career Choices Post Corona: Job Sectors to Go for and Job Sectors You Should Wait and Watch

• For any young student or professional, the one word which has consistently dominated dinner table conversations has been the six-letter word ‘career’.

• Pharma Sector: We are going to see a huge boom in the pharma sector and bio-based careers like bioinformatics and research.

• Data Analytics: Data consumption is hitting new records post the pandemic. From OTT platforms to smart gadgets, data is the one common currency. Data consumption patterns and consumer behavior continues to intrigue business analysts and marketers.

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