Brand Integrated Content on Digital Media: an Untapped Opportunity for Marketers in the Post COVID World

• At a time when social distancing continues to be practiced, traditional touchpoints such as print, ATL, and outdoor, on-ground promotional activities need to be transitioned to mobile and digital forms/mediums of marketing.

• Given that the efficacy of traditional mode of advertising is declining brands need to explore new ways to ensure their brand message is communicated to the target audience.

• In this form of marketing, digital content producers work with advertisers to integrate their brand, messaging, product in the thematic content to drive organic viewership, generate traffic, and brand consideration.

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How Businesses Can Utilize Digital Marketing During the Recession

• How can businesses utilize digital marketing during the recession to pull through the other side stronger than ever?

Digital content will always be key for any modern-day business.

• If your customers cannot find you and your content, how can they buy from you?

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Engage Differently: Marketing Digital Tools in a Time of Crisis

• For many who banked in traditional ways, including visiting branches to make deposits and transfers and mailing paper checks for payments, there was only one real solution: Quickly get up to speed with online banking and mobile banking, including remote deposits, e-payments, and person-to-person transfers.

• To support the overnight increase in consumer interest, banks needed to quickly re-evaluate their marketing of digital tools.

• There was a clear opportunity for financial institutions to educate consumers and drive the adoption of digital and electronic payment solutions, but there was a catch.

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