7 Marketing Trends for 2021

• The new Global Marketing Trends 2021 report from Deloitte Insights is based on two surveys: the first, of almost 2,500 adult consumers in selected countries in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia; the second, of over 400 C-suite executives, including CMOs, from U. S. global companies.

• The main headlines: the interconnection of trust and loyalty, and the importance of brands being able to pivot fast.

• Human connections: Making authentic connections is now more important than speed-to-market or efficiency. “It’s the choice between taking a cheaper flight or a safer one; buying clothing with the fastest delivery or from the supplier with the most ethically designed supply chain.”

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Rebuilding Your Business After a Crisis

• According to the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Small Business Coronavirus Impact Poll, 70% of small businesses worry about financial hardship from prolonged closures, and 58% of business owners are concerned over having to close their business permanently.

• Hao also helped open a restaurant in Singapore called Tempura Fuji Westgate that offered delivery and takeout.

• “Singapore is doing a lot better with managing the pandemic, and I’ve learned a lot from our experience in Hawaii,” he shares. “The takeout business model is a lot easier to manage and more resilient to a pandemic.”

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Is Contextual Marketing the Answer to the End of Third-Party Cookies?

• It relies on developing relevant buyer personas and developing the appropriate tone of voice, content and channel to engage them.

• This is distinct from behavioral targeting, which can use websites visited, links clicked on, time spent on page and other metrics, often able to be collected through cookies.

• Retailers and marketers will have to consider strategies or software that can better leverage first-party data for contextual marketing, HubSpot A/NZ head of marketing, Kat Warboys, explained to CMO.

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