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Yours, Hiram & Tabatha Founder and Co-founder Content Mist

Why Online Branding Is Crucial During Covid 19 Outbreak

Social Media, Digital Platforms, and Web Portals are eminently efficacious in the online marketing world.

• Undoubtedly, the pandemic holds a certain damaging factor per se, but on the brighter side, it has gifted e-commerce/ brands a transparent bridge to connect to the audience holistically.

• Online branding offers a better option for product promotions via social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

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Teams vs Zoom: Videoconferencing Face Off

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Brands became buzzwords overnight, perpetually on the tip of our tongues, with two videoconferencing services taking center stage.

• Most of us have had an argument over which is better: Zoom or Teams.

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TikTok Partners with ARN’s IHeartRadio to Launch TikTok Trending

• “Partnering with ARN to launch our own digital radio station, which is an exclusive to Australia, will allow advertisers to tap into TikTok in a more traditional media channel and give brands an opportunity to run integrated campaigns across both TikTok and the iHeartRadio platforms. “We’re excited to see where this partnership with ARN can take us as we become a well-established marketing platform for Australian advertisers.”

• TikTok Trending on iHeartRadio will be broadcast to Australian listeners 24/7 for three months from today, both on air and online via ARN’s iHeartRadio digital platform.

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