Learn What Gen Z Expects From Brands Post-Pandemic

• Based on Brainly’s knowledge base, let me share with you what I’ve learned about marketing to Gen Z and where we see the marketing trend lines heading post-pandemic.

• MOBILE CARRIES THE CONVERSATION WITH GEN Z. Continuing the trend of recent years, mobile platforms will dominate Gen Z media consumption.

• When surveyed by Brainly, nearly 35 percent of Gen Z consumers identified social media platforms such as Snapchat (50.3 percent), Instagram (59 percent), and YouTube (42 percent) to be a great escape for mental health expression during the pandemic.

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Intelligent Technology Is the Future of Marketing

• Over the last 10 years, martech has exploded, with 150 becoming 8,000 bespoke solutions according to Chiefmartec.com’s Marketing Technology Landscape infographic, as brands wrestle with the complexity of today’s marketing opportunities.

• For many, the climate we currently find ourselves in has expedited this complexity with lots of talk of digital transformation rapidly becoming the ‘new norm’ with marketers (and consumers) favoring digital communication, as high streets and sidewalks have temporarily emptied. • A platform that intelligently learns from each campaign to help shape future campaigns and make them work harder.

• Some of the world’s most recognizable brands from sectors including food and drink, retail and hospitality, technology, and automotive are ahead of the curve and already reaping the benefits of this intelligent technology: Heineken uses CanopyCloud to ensure 100% brand compliance across 180 countries and 28 languages, replacing more than 10,000 approval emails.

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AI Taking a Knee: Action to Improve Equal Treatment Under the Law

• Solar powered and designed to withstand the year around heat (and showcasing cool sunglasses), these robot police officers direct the flow of traffic and use real-time surveillance cameras to report traffic conditions and alert human police to dangerous situations.

• Starting in 2017, Dubai has been deploying AI robot police officers with a goal of a 25% robot police force by 2030.

• By trying to tackle the bias within the law and justice systems with diversity and inclusion, maybe all of us will take a knee and solve this problem as a society.

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