Managing Marketing in Times of Uncertainty


While we hope that you are taking care of yourself and your loved ones, we would like to share our thoughts on how to focus our marketing efforts as we face this global crisis. Working from home, some may see their workflows affected. Learning a new skill, studying and reading has become our new drivers. Now it is a good moment to put your content out there, and the brands that do this better will undoubtedly rebound more quickly once the COVID19 pandemic retreats… So, stay safe, be kind, and market efficiently. In this newsletter, you will find how to market during uncertain times, why you shouldn’t reduce your investment in digital marketing, and how to shift your marketing mix when events get canceled.

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How to Handle Marketing During Uncertain Times


• With the current COVID-19 pandemic that is spreading across much of Europe and the Americas, the present and future have become very uncertain.
• Many businesses and business leaders who have taken steps to protect their workers are still experiencing much uncertainty about what comes next.
• While it may seem best to pause all your marketing activities, that will absolutely hurt your business in the future and may hinder your ability to recover.

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Reducing Digital Marketing Due to COVID-19? Read This First


• Brett Patterson Brett further recommends placing an annotation in your analytics account as it’s very unlikely a solution exists to true up your analytics account.
• It’s also very important to keep this in consideration when measuring and reporting out on your digital marketing efforts.
• In the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic, search demand is down.

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Council Post: How to Shift Your Marketing Mix When Events Get Canceled


• Whether because of the coronavirus or something else, how do you pivot quickly when an event is canceled?
• What if we do see wholesale postponements and cancelations of industry events that are key parts of our marketing schedule?
• I don’t think there’s such a thing as too much media relations. If you don’t have a good PR team or an outsourced service, get one. I’ve worked with some amazing PR firms recently that deliver great opportunities. Now’s the time to step on the PR gas.
• That means more and better-written content, more and better video content, and delivery through more and better online channels.

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