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Content marketing has entered an era of purification. We believe that we should create every piece of content with a clear mission and course, and, above all else, it needs to add value to the audience’s life. In this newsletter, you will find a study about why marketers prefer and rate video as the most effective form of online marketing.

Find all you need to know about digital marketing secrets in 2020 and understand what does the new Ofcom proposal means for social media marketing and how it can affect you.

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New Study Finds Marketers Rate Video as the Most Effective Form of Online Marketing (64%)


• Conducted a Video Survey to Understand How SMBs Create, Share, and Measure Online Marketing Videos.
• Nearly 77% of the marketers surveyed in their Small Business Video Marketing Trends Study, claimed that videos are an important part of their online marketing.
• Recommended AI News: Evolve IP Launches the Unified Workspace – Integrates Identify and Access Management, Hosted and SaaS Application Delivery, And Cloud Desktops

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All You Need to Know About Digital Marketing Secrets in 2020


• Learn about artificial intelligence and machine learning.
• Post videos and content on social media.
• Optimization of the website according to the latest mobile phones.

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What do the new Ofcom proposals mean for social media marketing? We ask some social media experts


• Ofcom will aim to protect social media users by tackling harmful and illegal content and attempt to minimize its proliferation on social media.
• This could potentially have the same impact GDPR had on brands, but eventually, we will get to a space that has clear guidelines of what is acceptable and what is not.
• If Ofcom has the ability to fine Instagram or any platform due to what an Influencer and a brand has done, then you will see platforms being involved more in the creative process.

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